Mill Creek Drive

Space, lawn, trees, flowers, and quiet come together to create this incomparable and unique setting for these fifteen apartments. Some are down-to-earth, economical, simple, clean comfortable, and efficient; while others spacious, elegant, exclusive, and set apart. 

Engineer Street

On a quiet residential street, this 1934 brick home was the show place of a local banker, with extraordinary wood work heading the list. This triplex is totally renovated with the finest in heating and A/C. It features two 1 bedroom apartments and one 3 bedroom apartment.

All Properties

Whether on the quaint historic Engineer street or nestled in the beautiful wooded scenery of Mill Creek Drive, all of our properties are designed to be different to suit particular tastes and diversified pocketbooks. Our apartments are truly found to be user friendly. 

About Maria Apartments

Retired from a lifetime of teaching, we have a stable personal income. Yet upset by poverty and hunger in the world, we are motivated to generate funds for relief. Maria Apartments are established solely for that purpose and our principal focus is a school and medical clinic in Haiti and God's Pantry here in Kentucky (Food for the Poor). Every tenant is a partner in these humanitarian projects!

-John and Milly Burkhart

Our Engineer Street Location


Our Mill Creek Drive Location